The People of India – Five minute interviews

From tuk tuk drivers to maharaja’s, street vendors to some of the world’s leading business people, wine producers to world renowned artists and authors, India has a fascinating array of characters with one thing in common, the wonderful, baffling, chaotic, diverse and Technicoloured country that is India. On my travels I have been privileged to meet a whole host of invariably interesting, sometimes quirky and occasionally hilarious characters. Time and again  I find that people are astounded that, even though this country has almost killed me twice, I still return to it and love it more than my own. It is the place I consider my home. However, technically this is their country and not mine and so I asked them for five minutes of their time in order to tell me what their country means to them.  Some wrote their own prose, some answered a short set of questions. To find out more: Click on an image to discover who they are and what they said.

Kiran ManralSaritaJanhavi





PriyankaBikramMHR  (3)

RahulMakaibari RajahVictor

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