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My Book, Escape to India

When Jo Johnson discovers that her latest beau is in fact married to someone else, it’s not surprising that an offer to manage a lodge in an Indian tiger reserve suddenly sounds appealing. After all, there’s little to keep her in England. Having moved from Yorkshire to be closer to the love-rat, she has few friends, a job that no longer inspires her and, as everyone keeps reminding her, an aging problem. Yes, she’s not getting any younger. Taking herself off to India might be just what she needs to keep her away from men while she heals her cynical heart. Having to learn how to survive in the Indian jungle, without wifi, her mobile phone or, it appears, electricity might take her mind off things. But then she meets Abishek, and her resolve to stay single suddenly comes under threat. Escape To India is a funny, contemporary, and feisty tale of one woman’s search for meaning, independence and tigers.