About me

I live in India but originate from Yorkshire. Two completely different worlds. My heart lies in India, my family live in Yorkshire, I juggle the two. I have lived in the jungles of Madhya Pradesh, the concrete jungle of Delhi and the city of Jaipur.

How to describe life in India? Frustrating, illogical, often hilarious, humbling, surreal but never, ever dull. I have ridden priceless Marwari horses, been invited to royal weddings, been threatened by the local mafia, trekked mountains, rafted white water, been wined and dined by maharajas, slept out under the stars, camped with Raika nomads, driven vintage cars, messed around in tuk tuks got caught up in Holi and ended up with hair dyed a permanent shade of green.

Best of all, I have got to know its people and discovered that in India, anything is possible!

I’ve run travel companies specialising in India and now run Indian Experiences, a consultancy to the Indian Travel Trade.

My novel, Escape to India is now available on Amazon.

This blog is a catalogue of my experiences in India, from hotel reviews, top fives, on life in this wonderful country and the every day encounters which never fail to make me smile.

You can contact me at: Philippa Kaye

Beach camp fire in Rishikesh with post rafting chai.
Beach camp fire in Rishikesh with post rafting chai.


  1. Really excellent snippet from your ‘magnum opus’. Will certainly buy a copy when it gets on the shelves! In the meantime – when will you be coming to see us again down here at Cardamom House?
    Love. Chris Lucas

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  2. Love all your blogs, you have done so well to recover from some bad times,glad Miss Maisie were there to help.Enjoy India,you love it so much.Look forward to seeing you on a flying visit…..😍
    Love Susan Garthwaite

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