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Hotel Reviews

I've been reviewing hotels in India now for twenty two years. I get frustrated by how five star properties can get simple things wrong, I am more forgiving with simple properties where the genuine, home-grown hospitality far outways any shortcomings they may have in terms of 'standard' classifications. My reviews don't list numbers of rooms and amenities, quite frankly, I don't care about those; a mini bar or iron in the room does not, in my opinion, add to the experience of the property or the destination. I try to capture the essence of my stay, the experiences, yes the service and the food, but there is no format to my reviews. They are moments captured, the ambance and experiences that will inspire you and that you can look forward to.

Snapshots: A stay at Walterre and Discoveries around Dehradun

Woken by the sound of rain thundering down on the tin roof of the charming English meets India-style, country cottage. Ventured onto the terrace where we sat in comfort, under the shelter and sipped on g&ts whilst witnessing the angry skies thunder around us and the brilliance of the lightening showcasing the surrounding hills, standing…

Glamping With Elephants, Jaipur

The faint warmth of the sun embraces my back as it starts to rise over the hill, the incessant babble of the seven sisters earning their name of jungle babblers in a nearby tree, their fierce chatter drowning out the other birds confidently flitting around close by. Breakfast served to the accompaniment of the crunch…