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Encounters with Locals

Different societies have different norms when it comes to what is or isn't considered to be polite. India is no exception. I was always told, don't talk about sex or politics and you'll be okay. What I wasn't prepared for were the (often hilarious) comments that are, shall we say, not considered impolite. From these to words of wisdom from unexpected sources, to discovering just how important having a good cricket team can be, in Encounters I share with you some gems.

Sustainable Travel: An Interview with Shiva Dhakal Founder of Community Homestays Nepal

The year was 2020 and, as I would, thinking that the pandemic would be a storm in a tea cup, I set off to Nepal on a consultancy project as part of the work we do with Indian Experiences. A few weeks earlier, I had been introduced to Shiva Dhakal, found of Royal Mountain Travel…

Changing the narrative at The Indian Summer House.

Changing The Narrative. I stayed recently at the rather fabulous Indian  Summer House in Kerala. The owner happened to be out of station and so we had a video call. I think my opening gambit was, “Well you don’t need me to tell you how fabulous this is.” His reply, “Thank you, I have always…

The Raika Journey – Immersive Tourism Supporting the Camel herders of Rajasthan

The Raika are a community in peril, their lifestyle is in danger and their future is uncertain. The Raika provide the globally recognisable images we see of the Pushkar Camel Fair and yet, this fair provides nothing towards their wellbeing and sustainability. To delve a little into their history is to open a Pandora’s Box of…