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Life in India is extraordinary and exhausting, fascinating and unfathomable but always thought provoking. Simple daily tasks that we, from 'first world countries' take for granted for being just that, can become expeditions in India. The most mundane activity can cause endless causes for frustration or amusement. Life in India has tested me, more than occasionally, but amused me endlessly, perhaps that's just me, but my musings are where I record these, fondly.

Indian Chai and English Tea

Sitting ‘atop a hill’ in the foothills of the Himalaya, watching the most incredible sunset, not a soul around, the problems of the world left far behind, could life get much better? Well yes, as it happens. When I say ‘not a soul’ there was one, the local sadhu. He had watched me climb the…

In India, We Speak Like This Only

Another day another train.  The Dehradun Shatabdi this time and an a/c chair car for INR580.00 or £5.80 for a comfortable 5 hour journey. Not only is this journey comfortable, you are provided , within the price of your ticket, with a bottle of water, newspaper, tea, breakfast (veg or non-veg) and more tea. Not…