Coping With Self Isolation in Times of the Corona Crisis.

Today is day 03 of self imposed isolation as a result of flying back from India. Whilst traveling in India, I was in remote locations, didn’t take public transport and the hotels I stayed in were, for the most part, empty. I am more concerned by having travelled through 3 airports which were reasonably busy and having taken 2 full flights, and not once was a health check done or a question asked.

I am therefore staying in an empty house I usually rent unfurnished and one which is therefore devoid of my personal things and any other people. I felt that this was safer option for my family. Some people think I’m taking it too far but at the end of the day, no one really knows what we are dealing with and for the sake of 14 days, I don’t think it’s too much of an inconvenience.

I’m fortunate that after 12 tough months of being in a very bad space, I am now in a good head space and feel, as of now that I will be able to cope with these initial 14 days. 

However, from the bit of feedback I’m getting from those already in isolation and from a brief bout of research conducted, I have surmised that time management and self discipline will be key factors.

A benefit of this time is that we have been given the gift of time.  Time is something that we often claim never to have enough of. Now we have it, how will we use it? Well, after 2 days of buggering about, maximising time on social media and WhatsApp and rubbish TV, I’ve realised that I need to maximise on this precious resource and not waste it.

Yesterday I made a list, this morning that list will become a plan. Time allocated each day to the following:

1. Planning product training sessions for Indian Experiences.

2. Finally and not before time, making time to figure out how to self publish and get my bloody book online finally.

3. Take time to write, I’ve missed it and have a list of over 80 articles I’m way behind on.

4. Take time to read, properly read not skim. Reading books which not only can teach us so much, but offer a wonderful opportunity for escapism. The chance to lose ourselves into another world, and who wouldn’t want a bit of that right now?

5. Sorting through, deleting most and labeling the remaining photos from my extensive collection.

6. Exercise! During my last 12 difficult months, I really let myself go. I’m too old to allow that to happen!  So, and anyone who knows this won’t believe me, but I’ve contacted my old Yoga teacher from Delhi to ask if she’ll do online sessions with me. She is the only person ever to make me think that yoga wasn’t a four letter word!

What I will not do, having done it for the last 2 days, is waste hours buggering about watching rubbish in TV and skimming social media. Let’s see how long that lasts!

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