Discover Orchha like never before at the Namaste Orchha Festival

Namaste Orchha

I am always delighted when initiative is taken and destinations are considered differently, let’s face it, it’s the whole philosophy of Indian Experiences, Discovering India Differently and so I was rather delighted, after being invited to attend the Namaste Orchha event in March, to conduct some research and come up with some exciting findings!

Orchha in its own right is a spectacular destination with a lot going for it. For a start, it’s in Madhya Pradesh, and we all know that’s my favourite state. It has some of the most extraordinary temples and monuments in all of India rising out of the forest, some along the banks of the Betwa River,  like something out of and Indiana Jones film. However, it is so often just treated as a one-night destination if that, and there is potential for so much more, happily, MP Tourism are on the case. The Namaste Orchha event which is taking place from 06-08 March is going to showcase not just Orchha, it’s incredible history and temples but will also bring to the fore:

  • Rafting and Kayaking on the Betwa River
  • Jungle walks to explore the local nature.
  • Local cuisine past and present, from royal influences to street food.
  • Some of the wonderful homestays of the region
  • Craft and food bazaars
  • Musical performances by local as well as internationally renowned musicians.
  • Interactions with journalists, writers together with business people.
  • Think tanks and discussions on tourism.
  • And naturally there will be guided tours of the extraordinary monuments.

It is a wonderful opportunity to explore, meet, discuss, enjoy and discover just why this is such a wonderful place to visit.

Join us!


SMS:    +91 9545138988

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