Snapshot, Episode 01 Series 4, Nepal

Day 01: Arrival Nepal
I opted to say in tonight and headed to the roof top bar. There are only two other people here, a couple, Instagram influencers. They are flouncing and pouting and setting up shoots taking photos and being demanding about food and drink.

I apologised for stepping into their shoot, headed to the bar, grabbed a stool and on seeing masala Papad, couldn’t resist. I was then “persuaded” to order a Gorkha Beer, “Dedicated to the Brave,” to wash it down.

The guy behind the bar is called Chhime, he’s been in hospitality for 17 years, speaks 7 languages, has worked in Saudi and Dubai and is now back in Kathmandu.

We’ve been discussing the copy cat culture of everyone here opening a cafe or bar, with no clue how to and wondering why, in a street of 40 cafes, their’s hasn’t worked.

We then moved onto his plans. He has land back in his village. He’d like to do something with that, to support his family and the local community. Our discussion over the last hour bas been on rural agri tourism Vs technologically advanced crop production (the former I know about, the latter I don’t).

It’s been a wonderful first night. I guess, in both cases, from instagrammers to someone’s future, it’s all about perspective.

Ps: the masala papad in Nepal has a kick! Damn those chillies šŸ™‚

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