More life to live….

Miss Maisy and me

I truly believe in the healing power of animals. Not discounting my friends by any stretch of the imagination, but dogs (one in particular) and horses (3 in particular) helped me through my 4 year blip. Apart from anything else, you can’t be glued to your mobile phone or attached to FB (oh the irony of sitting here and writing this!) whilst trying to keep a large soggy dog from dive bombing ducks or stealing kid’s icecreams or trying to keep a horse from tanking off or shying at a sabre tooth sparrow sitting in a bush.

Henry, a gentle giant and a gentleman.

Dog walking and horse riding allows, me at least, for the clarity of thought that modern day living fails to give.

So it came to pass, last weekend, whilst out riding through the beautiful Rajasthan countryside on a wonderful Marwari horse and pondering my advancing years and all that I haven’t achieved, that actually, I am only probably, just over half way through my life. Look at all the changes and happenings and events that take place in any humans life in their first 40 (+) years. From being a baby to adulthood and beyond. Which got me thinking that I still have probably another 40 years to go, these ones attached to a certain level of wisdom gleaned from the last set. That is 40 more years to discover, explore, learn, possibly achieve, but more importantly, live. How exciting is that?Miss Maisy at Christmas

Riding in Rajasthan
Riding in Rajasthan


  1. You’ll be lucky with another 40 won’t you? I think you’ve used up your nine lives already with all the ridiculous things you’ve done by mistake?! but any time spent learning something will be very good for you!! haha. x


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