People of India – Rajul Janu – Tuk Tuk Driver

PictureI was born in village called Gangapur near Sawai Madhopur which is known for tiger safaris but when I was two years old my family moved to Jaipur so I grew up in Jaipur and still live there.  I go back once in while to my village and I love to be in the countryside which is desert for much of the year but in the monsoon we swim in natural waterwells and under waterfalls.

I try to travel and see my country and I remember when I first arrived in Goa I was shocked because where I come from there is not even enough water for drinking so when I saw the ocean it was a crazy experience for me, I didn’t believe it possible. But I loved my Goa trip so if I could choose where I would like to live, I would definitely choose Goa.

India is great n very colourful country, I love my country and of course I am proud to be born in a country where there are so many religions!!
I love my work so much because I meet so many people whom come from different different countries, with different languages and even different skin colours.  I would love to travel around the world but since my father was hurt at work, I had to take over the family responsibility and work to care for my parents and my sisters and so have not enough money, but at least with my work I get to meet people from different countries and ask them about their culture, the weather, what is their work etc. It’s very interesting for me.
My two big loves are boxing and nature. My big dream was to be a boxer n work in the Indian army but I had to leave boxing when my father was hurt. Now I drive my tuk tuk and show people my city which I love to do and once I had paid for my three sisters wedding’s I was able to save and buy a car too. Come and visit Jaipur and I will love to show you the city.  

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