Encounters With Locals – The Doctors Surgery

Encounters with locals continued…..

This scene, the doctor’s surgery in a village in Rajasthan. The reason, being felled by a top to toe, and by that I mean from my scalp to the soles of my feet, inflamed, itchy, body rash. Attractive I know. Such a blight Is a first for me, I’m not even sure I even got nappy rash anyhow…… Consultation complete, with a mere 5 other random strangers in attendance witnessing what no unsuspecting local merely staring at a foreigner should have to see, and the doc starts writing out what becomes, a very long prescription. I watch him in trepidation, I hate taking any meds. His pen doesn’t stop. After a few minutes I feel the need to bring some semblance of sensibility to his plan.

PK: 5 sets of meds?
Doc: Yes madam.
PK: Okay, I get that I may need to take something but seriously, it’s one rash, I can’t need 5 sets of meds.
Doc: Madam, you have a lot of allergy.
PK: I know, I’ve been itching like buggery for 48 hrs but I hate taking meds.
DOC: Madam, it is a lot of allergy.
PK: Yes, a lot of allergy, you said but at least tell me what each one is for. I look at him pointedly.
Doc: Looks vaguely embarrassed and crosses 1 set of meds off the list.
PK: Well that’s a start but still 4?
Doc mutters something about a big allergy but crosses off one more set. Madam, you have a lot of allergy, these 3 you must take.
PK: Okay, fine, but can you tell me what they are for?
Doc: Madam, you have a lot of allergy.
PK: Okay, but, still……
Doc: Yes madam, you have a whole body allergy WHOLE body. That is a LOT of allergy and with that, he hands me the prescription.

Well that told me! ūüôā

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