Top Five things in Puri for under INR200.00 (or GBP2.50)

Five things in Puri for under GBP2.50.

I often say, when referring to something cheap, or someone who wants something but doesn’t want to pay, ‘Oh, he wants that for GBP2.50.’ It’s just a figure I hit on for no particular reason but have banded it about now for several years.  Living in Delhi, though cheaper than the UK there is little to find of value for this value.  Also, I do tend to spend most of my travel in the higher end sector where most things are more expensive. I have however, just spent a few days in Puri where I was delighted to discover a whole plethora of things available for GBP2.50 or less and so thought I would share them here with you.

  1. A delicious plate of (10) prawns, pan fried in butter and garlic and served with a little mayonnaise. INR200 or GBP2.47 at the Peace Restaurant.


    Garlic Prawns at the Peace Restaurant

  2. A funky pair of trousers, best deal (without bargaining) was at the Kashmiri shop on the main road. Price INR200 or GBP2.47 – perfect for slobbing around in during the Delhi summer!


    Love these pants!

  3. I do love the old Ambassadors, yes I have one myself and still miss them now they are no longer the vehicle of choice to travel around India in.  Therefore I was delighted to find Mr Prabhat with his Ambassador Grand. An arrival transfer from Puri Train station to most central hotels (we stayed at Z Hotel, more about that later) (INR200 or GBP2.47) Tel: 09937161002 Also available for full day sightseeing tours.


    Mr Prabhat and his Ambassador Grand

  4. A gamcha! These are the traditional cotton woven items and still the only things worn by most men in the rural areas. They wear them as short lungis or dhotis, as a scarf around their necks or as a turban to protect from the sun. Perfect for use as a scarf, sarong or dupatta. In Puri (INR200 or, yes you guessed it GBP2.47) though in the villages, directly from source, INR100.00.


    A traditional Gamcha as worn by the locals, now undergoing a revival

  5. Fish Fry, a brilliant discovery as I am trying to keep away from carbs. A variety on offer, tuna as one, in this case mackerel, sauted to perfection and served with salad and a squeeze of lime juice, light, delicious and satisfying. This one here at the Z Hotel (a brilliant little find) for INR200 or GBP2.47! wp-1488168380732.jpg
  6. As a cheeky little extra, a visit to the Sun Temple, if you are Indian is INR30.00, best value in India I would say (though do read my previous post on that) sadly if you are a foreigner it doesn’t follow this thread, being INR500.00.


    The Sun Temple at Konark by night.

  7. Finally, they do say that the best things in life are free, and so I will end on one that was and is, if you don’t include the cost of Mr Prabhat to get you there. Sunset at Chandrabagha Beach – priceless.


    Chandrabagha Beach, Konark

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  • Satyajit

    August 4, 2019 at 11:47 pm

    Loved it. I’m from the land of Odisha and haven’t discovered the variety of things available at such paltry price and yet look so sumptuous. Let’s visit Puri again… rather how about the golden triangle, as they say (Puri – Konark – Bhubaneswar)


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