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Sightseeing in Delhi

The Rasoi on Wheels, feeding the homeless of Delhi

I wanted to share some positivity and an experience I had this morning. A few months ago, whilst researching things to do in Delhi, we came across Rasoi on Wheels. Intrigued by what we had read, we contacted them and arranged a meeting and we’re, quite frankly, blown away. The calm demeanour of Atul Kapur and the wonderful enthusiasm and energy of Manika Badhwar proves to be a great combination.

The concept: feeding nutritious, healthy food to the homeless, each meal being individually served. It’s as much about dignity as nutrition.

They started out serving around 30 meals a day, this grew to 300 and now they serve between 800-1000 meals 5 days a week. As well as feeding the homeless in the slums, they also provide meals in schools in the bastis, incentivising the children to go to school as well as ensuring they are not trying to learn whilst hungry.

They are now also associated with social workers and assist in providing meals and healthcare to those in need. Medical clinics which they support are also held on weekends and provide healthcare, assistance with treatments and medicines as well as working with children with cancer.

This morning I joined them on their meals distribution to the schools in the bastis, the slums were inaccessible due to the Ram Rahim situation. We started at the kitchen and saw the meals being hygienically prepared and packed and then went out to help distribute. It was humbling and heart-warming all at the same time and I would like to think that I could spare at least a day a month helping them with this distribution.

Anyone can donate, either on a one-off basis or a permanent sponsorship basis, and you will be told exactly how your money has been spent. One meal costs INR35.00. 10 MEALS COST LESS THAN ONE ALCOHOLIC DRINK ON A NIGHT OUT!

Or you can donate your time and help with the distribution or associated medical clinics.

It was a wonderful way to spend a morning and as Manika says, ” The happiest people in life are the givers, not the getters.”

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