Snapshot: Slowing it down for Christmas.

Most tourists dash around Rajasthan, ticking off it’s cities, and put up with the traffic and noise in order to marvel at its forts and palaces. But can one really say one has done Rajasthan unless one has had a tranquil lakeside breakfast, the only sounds the chatter of a plethora of birds, strolled to an ancient fort in the company of fascinating and fun hosts, met and been blessed by it’s priest (no charge!), had a farm cooked lunch and dined under the trees and then snoozed on a charpoi, met local village artisans, been driven cross country in a custom made jeep for sundowners and then enjoyed conversation around a camp fire with Old Monk (of course)? No, I don’t think you can….. Dev Shree getting it just right. Dev Shree – a Stately home at Deogarh.

Pehla Bagh Deogarh Madaria, Rajasthan

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