People of India – Sarita Kumari Sodha – Rani of Ghanerao


SaritaThank God winter is on its last leg , cold freezes me!
My room faces East and it was with a feeling of well-being when I got up this morning with the first warm rays of the morning sun …
I felt rather than saw the warmth cascading from the head of the bed , over my partly uncovered face and slowly and surely continued downwards..
For once it induced me to stretch my body and welcome the warmth .
Didn’t want to miss it,
like the setting sun the morning sun too is always in a hurry.

Midday and the courtyard outside my room is bathed in sunlight.
The murmur of the rustling leaves, the cooing of the pigeons instantly puts you in languor mood…
I love this part of the day,
the initial hustle and bustle of the morning daily chores of running a establishment is taken care of and one can almost relax …
Now the shadows are on my east facing wall and the bougainvillea on the west facing wall come alive with its splendid colours…
I had planted these creepers a decade back to camouflage the uneven wall behind .Picture
Its lovely now, climbed about 12 feet and with timely pruning its thick with flowers –
An old unpolished marble bench sits under this thicket , I’ve spent many hours reading on it in long summer days when there are few guests and we have the castle to ourselves.
These days its the ideal place for pictures to be taken by the myriad visitors who want to relive the life of bygone rulers.
Generations have passed since 1606 when the first stone was laid of this castle, its a beautiful edifice of marble and sand stone .
I can see part of the blue sky framed atop the high, dark walls from all four sides.
blue sky
My part of the sky… 

Kanwarani Sarita Kumari Ghanerao oversees the management of the family properties, Ghanerao Royal Castle and Ghanerao Jungle Lodge. She is also the Vice President of the  All India Rajput Women’s Association and a member of The South Asian Women’s Network.

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