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My Top Five Books Tiger Centric Books – A great and diverse small collection for International Tiger Day 2020

It’s International Tiger Day, social media will be flooded with images of this truly magnificent animal, hopefully also praise for the forest guards who spend their lives protecting them, the conservation groups who also do their utmost to raise awareness to protect this endangered species, and the lodge owners who provide wonderful accommodation for you to stay in whilst on safari. So, just to be a little bit different, I thought I would share four very different books all written by friends of mine and all with the tiger at their heart though there is also, as there should be, a focus on other India’s other magnificent wildlife species too.

The first is for the kids (and big kids too) – A Tigress Called Machhli by the incredibly talented Supriya Sehgal, a wonderful collection of fun stories about India’s animals and their quirks – what’s more, all of the stories are true! A must for alternative bedtime stories and for starting to get children interested not only in wildlife but also in storytelling.

The second is Photographic Field Guide, Wildlife of Central India.  India’s first photographic field guide. We can all recognise the tiger but what about all the other species you come across whilst waiting for the stripes to appear? This book is a brilliant achievement by naturalists David Raju and Surya Ramachandran both of whom are also featured under the People of India section on this blog as they are the new breed of young, passionate naturalists rising through the unofficial ranks in India, they have massively impressed me and are exactly what India’s wildlife needs.

The third is the all important where to go and where to stay when you get there. The TOfT Good Wildlife Travel Guide  features brilliant insider info on the best parks in India and Nepal, by Julian Matthews, where to find which species and the best lodges to stay in  all with eco practise ratings! Yes, each lodge recommended in this book has passed one or more of the levels required to get a Pug Mark rating from ToFT (Tour Operators for Tigers) which shows that they are committed to sustainable tourism practices.

The last is The Rise and Fall of the  Emerald Tigers, the harsh reality of the survival of this incredible species by renowned conservation biologist Raghu Chundawat. An immensely informative work, following years of research in Panna National Park, this is an insider’s account of the politics and administrative apathy plaguing Indian wildlife conservation. He discusses the larger threats to Indian wildlife—and the possible solutions.

PS: Of course for a fun read, and an insight into what it’s like living in a wildlife reserve in Madhya Pradesh, India and running one of the fabulous lodges you may have stayed at or dream of doing, then there’s always a little fun read by yours truly! Escape to India by Philippa J Kaye and a reminder that for every copy purchased through Notion Press INR75.00 will be donated to the charities that we support through Indian Experiences.

I hope that you enjoy this diverse yet tiger centric collection.

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