Memsahib’s dad visits India – Part 2

In which we head to Jaipur.  I am usually an advocate of longer stays in a destination, get out there, discover it, tailor it to more than the sights it is famous for. Going to Jaipur and only seeing the fort and palace, is like going to London and just seeing Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament – missing the whole essence of the place. This trip was about experiences, not monuments and I personally don’t think that the fort and palace in Jaipur are the best examples and so guess what, we skipped them – yes, you read that right, I took dad to Jaipur and we didn’t do the City Palace, Amber Fort, Observatory or even the Hawa Mahal, but what we did do, was have lots of fun.

We were driven around in a fabulous Ambassador which certainly “out babes” The Babe (my silver champagne painted Ambassador). We enjoyed a long, boozy lunch in the countryside at Dera Amer with a bunch of ladies with bigger bottoms than mine (the elephants). Oh, and then we took to the skies in a SkyWaltz hot air balloon ride, which was spectacularly stunning. With the most beautiful sunrise, the mists cleared, the views emerged, the villagers smiled and waved; a heart-warming start to any day. Our spare time was spent in the resplendent surroundings of Alsisar Haveli, dad’s first haveli, first bit of Rajput architecture and paintings which were beautiful and he loved it.

Jaipur successfully completed.

Discovering Destinations Differently, memsahib style!

( A video of the balloon sunrise)

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