Memsahib’s Dad Visits India, aged 80 – Part 5.

It’s never too late! Travels around India with my octogenarian dad.

Dungarpur was meant to be all for dad, the car collection here was the ‘must’ and the bar is truly any petrol head’s delight. But, from cars to kachories to a museum curation, quirks and the karma sutra, it turned out to be a treat for us both. Hats off to Harsh for putting together the most fun, quirky, interesting and crazy bar in all of Rajasthan housing not just his impressive car collection but a host of car memorabilia and a damn good bar too. Dad was like a child in a sweet shop, with all his Christmases having come at once!

The surprises didn’t stop there, we were both upgraded, dad to the Maharajah suite, you can just about see him across the room! Me to the art deco suite, both overlooking the lake and each the size of my entire apartment in Delhi.  The new museum, excellently curated gave an insight into the culture of the region and more quirks of this  family whose lineage can be traced back to the 12th Century.


The Maharajas Suite, Udaibilas Palace, Dungarpur


Karma Sutra cupboard, Juna Mahal Palace

An exploration of the town revealed the Juna Mahal the original family palace whose rich paintings have ensured it’s place on the World Monument Watch, though no one had told me about the Karma Sutra cupboard (!), local markets with the biggest carrots I have ever seen, no correlation, and some fun and interesting street art.

wp-1485074716196.jpgBack at Udaibilas and chai and kachories were served by the pool, overlooking the family temple in the lake,  flocks of cormorants and black ibis soared overhead and storks and bats came home to roost. The penultimate surprise of the day, the dining table with a pool in the middle, a great hit with everyone. The final surprise of the stay, a fellow guest who is the deputy editor of Autocar magazine, now not even I could have planned that!


Udaibilas, Dungarpur a resounding success.

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