Landing up in Landour

“A month long course!” They exclaimed, “but why go all the way to Landour, why not do it in Delhi?” Hmm, well let’s see shall we……..

In Delhi the temps are currently 39C, in Landour it’s 18C.

In Delhi one is surrounded by buildings, here, the hills.

In Delhi the air is of dubious quality, here it is clean and fresh.

In Delhi my daily walk is 10 times around the park, at 5 mins per round. Here I have a 3.5 km forested trail.

I may not have my own street dog, but they have three where I am staying and they will do the job I am sure.

I arrived today and was greeted with a “Welcome home,” from Sunita and her husband, my hosts at La Villa Bethany, my home for the next 4 weeks.

I love the signs they have around the place, which does immediately feel like home.

In Delhi my evening would be (albeit happily) spent being led astray by various reprobate friends, here my evenings will be spent discussing class with my fellow guests who are a mix of four nationalities.

I chose Anil’s Cafe for lunch and this gorgeous tabby cat came and curled up next to me.

Tonight instead of the drone of the A/C and the whir of the fans, I will snuggle up under a duvet.

I have been here for 3 hours and am convinced that I have made the right choice.

I am also sure there is a lot more to explore and with this plateau being on a figure of 8, I have been told that even I can’t get lost. Those who know me, may know better.

They say Landour is a great place for as there are no distractions, well, except for mountains, dogs and characters and I have to say thay so far, it’s scoring pretty well in my book.




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