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  • Do not trust Konjoin Technologies and their CEO Nirmesh Rajyaguru.

Do not trust Konjoin Technologies and their CEO Nirmesh Rajyaguru.

Do not trust Konjoin Technologies and their CEO Nirmesh Rajyaguru.

Konjoin Technologies was referred to me when I needed a unique software solution built in order to launch my business. The project, Hotels Under 100, was an online booking engine for a particular niche of hotels. I took Konjoin Technologies on to do the project in February 2019 after several months of correspondence, discussions over the phone, and meetings that convinced me the company was right for the job.

In order to start the project, Konjoin Technologies requested a considerable sum as a deposit (booking engine software solutions do not come cheap). However, since then, they have failed to deliver on any aspect of the project. Their designs were dreadful. We have had better designs from companies that quoted INR 20,000 and not INR 200,000. Nevertheless, understanding that they were (meant to be) a tech company and design may not be their forte, we outsourced the designs to another business. These designs were successfully handed over to CEO Nirmesh Rajyaguru in a two hour conference call in May 2019. I was informed that the company was happy to implement the designs and that the project would be completed by June 2019, resulting in us having a live and fully operational website by the end of that month.

Unfortunately, all we have received are four very badly coded static pages, and a host of excuses from Nirmesh Rajyaguru as to why the project cannot be completed. What’s more, since providing those unsatisfactory pages to us in July 2019, the company has demanded more money to complete the project and with a caveat that they will not show us any more work until the entire project has been paid for in full. So far, the company has been paid INR 110,000 and we have barely seen any progress on the project at all.

Excuses from this “professional web development company’ have included:

  • The brief was changed and it was never meant to be a real-time booking engine. This excuse came six weeks after the company was provided with the designs, which they accepted but were subsequently unable to reproduce. I am willing to show, anyone who is interested, the correspondence and the final agreement between my company and Konjoin Technologies. The brief never changed.
  • It is not possible to upload ongoing work onto a test link, and it can only be uploaded onto the main server.
  • When we amended one header in the main menu bar, the company informed us that all the pages would have to be edited manually and that they would only deliver an 11 page website ‘without the addition of functions’ for the money agreed.
  • If we wanted the fully functioning website as originally agreed, we would have to pay double the money. Yet, we wouldn’t be shown any further work on the project until it was completed. In addition, the company would only show us the work after being paid in full, and no changes would be permitted to the work.
  • When we pointed out that we hadn’t been shown any work for the money paid, and we asked to see the currently completed work before handing over any more money, the company said that they were under no obligation to show us the work done as they know the quality of their work.

In the meantime, we have had two professional web development companies look at the small amount of work received from Konjoin Technologies and our email correspondence with them. Both web development companies are astounded as to the extent of the unprofessionalism, inability to deliver, and dishonesty. There is nothing wrong with the designs, and there have been no changes from the original brief.

Not surprisingly, Konjoin Technologies did not respond to any of our emails sent in October and November 2019. In December, we advised them that our only recourse was to make the matter public. Following this, the company’s CEO Nirmesh Rajyaguru suddenly contacted us and explained that he’d been traveling for two months. He said he was willing to show us all the work completed and would send it through as soon as possible. Needless to say, nothing ever arrived. Furthermore, the company has reverted to not replying to emails.

Konjoin Technologies did mistakenly include us in a company mailer requesting testimonials though. We responded that we would be delighted to write a testimonial about our experiences with the company. However, in keeping with their own company policy, we would not show the testimonial to them but rather upload it directly onto Google reviews. Within three hours, Konjoin Technologies had removed their business from Google reviews and it has not gone back up since.

I’ve also noticed that Konjoin Technologies copied and incorporated some of our project’s design elements into their new website.

Nirmesh Rajyaguru is incredibly convincing. When discussing the project, he appreciated our ideas and impressively raised them several bars. In reality, he is a professional gaslighter. From the moment he has your money, he will fail to deliver whilst convincing you it is your own fault.

We understand that there is no recourse on Konjoin Technologies because we are based in the UK and they are in Mumbai, and we are not in a position to take them to legal proceedings. However, we want to warn anyone who is considering trusting this company to assist them in their development to think again. Nirmesh Rajaguru and his company Konjoin Technologies are as incompetent as they are dishonest. We wouldn’t trust them to deliver a letter, never mind a software solution.



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