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Gatiman Express Train Scam – watch out.

Trying to enter Delhi train station,
“No madam, you must go to that entrance.” Half asleep I complied.
At that entrance, official looking man in suit,
“Madam, tickets please.” I complied.
“Madam, Bhopal Shatabdi, 10 hr delay, fog. New train, Gatiman Express, on time. From Old Delhi. You have credit card?”
At “credit card” I woke up.
“Oh, Old Delhi station, let me call my driver”
“No madam, private driver not allowed.”
“That’s ok, he’s a taxi driver.”
This said as I retrieve my tickets from man as we are walking down to the usual entrance.
“No madam, taxi not allowed.”
PK speaks in Hindi on phone.
Man realises maybe this dupe might not work.
PK looks at board. “Says here Bhopal Shatabdi is on time, 0600, platform 1.”
Man concurs, “Yes madam, train is here, on time.” And disappears into the crowd…….

#almostduped #IRCTC

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