Encounters with locals – Yorkshire style

Conversations from Yorkshire:.

Picture the scenario. A beautiful, sunny autumnal morning, out riding one of my favourite horses in the stunning Yorkshire countryside. Said horse having observed the field full of cows for several minutes and kept a beedy eye on them all the way down the hill, decided to freak out on drawing parallel.

Farmer, having just fed the cows was looking on.
Me to horse: ‘Stop being so bloody stupid, get on with you, ridiculous creature, GET ON.’

Me to farmer: ‘I wouldn’t care but she saw them minutes ago and then decided to freak at the last minute.’

Farmer: ‘Aye lass and she wouldn’t be bothered if she were in’t field with ’em. Its like tractors, them hosses will come and look at a tractor when we go past, but as soon as they have a rider on top, they become terrified.’

Me: ‘Well, they are stupid, we know that and yet we still ride them, so what’s more stupid, horses for being horses or us for riding them?’

Farmer, scratching his head and sucking his teeth: ‘Well lass, you never see a farmer riding a cow.’

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PK and Henry

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