Discovering Hampi – Differently of course!

Indian Experiences, has always believed in seeking out true & authentic experiences. A city is so much more than its monuments, it is made up of its food, arts, crafts, chai walas, designers, in short, it’s people. I’ve spent weeks in each city, seeking out those people for whom their city is their passion & who want to showcase it, from their perspective, truly, authentically, beyond monuments, a history lesson and being marched into a shop!

Word spread & many experience providers contacted us. Could we help spread the word about what they do? Of course! We visited, tried them & once approved, they joined our merry little band of game changers, helping us live up to our motto, Monuments create the backdrop, people create the experiences.

Thus it was yesterday, that I got to catch up with the guys at Explore Hampi. Needless to say, they dragged me out of bed at some unearthly hour, marched me up a hill, bought me a chai to soften the blow, whilst we waited for sunrise. A nature walk then took us past the temple & temple tank, along the canal, past a Durga Temple to the riverside, regaling me with stories the whole way.

We floated down river in a coracle, chatting about having grown up in Hampi, before reaching the far side, and heading to a roadside ‘hotel,’ for a spot of local breakfast. Yes, it was a chilli pakora, yes I did eat it, yes I do have video evidence.

Then we hopped on scooters and explored north of the river, traditionally the hippy area of town, but off into the back lanes and rode beautiful tracks, flanked by paddy fields, coconut trees and of course, the boulders of Hampi and got to meet the locals going about their day.

An amazing morning! Fun was had, friendships cemented, new ideas hatched & above all, the chaiwala, boatman, local restaurant, and farmer (who rents the scooters) all benefited.

Occasionally, we come across a perfectly curated tour, this is one of them. Works to perfection, flows seamlessly & the locals benefit too.

This is why I spend so much time on the road, to find these gems. Well done @explorehampi keep up the brilliant work.

#Celebrate25K2K #explorehampi


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