#Celebrate25K2K – Day 3 – Johns Farm and Home

Serendipity has played such a major part in this trip, both in the planning stage and now on the ground. There’s a homestay I’ve wanted to visit for a while now, but there literally was no room at the inn. So, another one was suggested, I agreed but having zero time to research it, turned up blind, just hoping I’d like it and wouldn’t have to end up just being polite. Yes, I can be!
But let me tell you, the last 18 hours were an absolute treat. A farm and home stay where the whole joint family are involved but never intrusive. Situated in around 14 acres, the farm, as so many are, is shying away from rubber, as it no longer makes economic sense and is turning to other crops such as rambutan and mangosteen, and pineapple, it’s just 10kms from Vazhakulam, the pineapple capital of India, who knew there was such a place?
But more than that, the rooms (just 2) are comfortable, spacious and immaculate, the bathrooms are big enough to have a party. There’s a large shaded verandah for lazing on, after you’ve walked up a reasonably sized hill to get to sunset point. We could have driven most of the way, but where’s the fun in that?
The home-cooked food was delicious and it’s such a delight to eat fruit that actually has flavour, my word, the pineapple was a taste explosion in my mouth, but, if it’s not good here, there’d be a problem. The coffee, fresh from Chikmagalur, was also a revelation!
The conversation flowed easily (not just me talking) and was interesting and light-hearted. There’s farm visits and village visits and just generally mucking in with the family going about their daily life.
Above all, we had fun.
And now you’re going to want to know where it is. Well, I could tell you, but I’d have to kill you. Oh, go on then, Johns Farm and home.
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