Celebrating 25 years in India

This is it. My 25th year in India. I had no idea on that first trip, just where the journey would take me.

People say to me, “Come on, 25 years, haven’t you seen it all?” And the answer, quite simply, is no, no where near. I’ve tried, goodness knows I’ve tried, but you see, the thing about India is that the more you discover, the more you discover there is to discover.

Which is how this trip has come about. What better way to celebrate my 25th year than by embarking on an epic, 2-month journey of discovery?

Today, I fly to Kerala, one of the 2 southernmost states, and wend my way to Kashmir in the north. It’s an epic journey, a well-trodden path, a challenge that people set themselves to do, usually as quickly as possible, often by bike.

But that wouldn’t be me.

So, I’m wending my way, stopping off here and there, on yet another journey of discovery, doing what I do best, discovering India differently.

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