Hotel Review: Amaryllis Kerala

There is something wonderfully indulgent about doing nothing. It’s something I have to admit being hopeless at and yet, a stay with Victor Bernard Dey and Ranjini Dey renders this avid explorer immobile every time. For eighteen years now I’ve been advocating their hospitality and it is unwavering in its warmth.

Their’s has been a planters lifestyle and this isn’t a homestay as so many have become, where all the guests are travellers and experiences are curated for them. This is a stay in someone’s home. Your fellow guests can invariably be friends of theirs who have popped over for a night or two. The family dogs welcome you each time you appear and are more then happy to accompany you on walks. Breakfast is late and leisurely. Early risers, tea and coffee and snacks are a permanent feature in the room.

Meals (delicious by the way) are taken together, conversation is convivial, anecdotes and stories are shared and welcomed. Afternoon naps are a feature, though the poolside provides an alternative venue and the surrounding plantation provides a host of walks.

In the eighteen years that they have welcomed me with their hospitality I can honestly say, I have never ventured further than the perimeter of their home. Yes, I have to admit to having never done the sight seeing.

One still dresses for dinner and the evenings begin either in the man cave, on the verandah watching an invariably spectacular sunset or in the living room. Snacks are served and chats are had before moving through for dinner.

Since 2000 I have been sending clients to stay with Victor and Jini previously at Tranquil and now at Amaryllis, for 4 nights at the end of a longer itinerary around the south and never with a detailed plan. Invariably the question would be, “Four nights, but what will we do?” My response, “Not much, you’ll figure it out when you get there.” And refused to elaborate further. Somehow they always trusted me and it invariably turned out to be the highlight of their holiday.

Thank you to the Deys, for doing what you do so well and for continuing to invite me back, Amaryllis Kerala is every bit as fabulous as expected. I won’t even mark you down for the yoga mat sneakily hiding in the corner of the room. It does however, remain unused!

PS: This visit was 3 weeks after the floods, Kerala is operating as normal.

More info: Website:

Amaryllis has 4 rooms (one family suite) and two spectacular tree houses.

Nearest Railway Station:
Calicut (Kozhikode) – 97 kms, 2 ½ hr drive
Mysore Station – 120 kms, 2 ½ hr drive

Nearest Airport:
Calicut (Kozhikode) – 135 kms, 3 hrs drive
Bangalore – 275 kms, 6 hr drive

Other Tourist destinations nearby:
Ooty – 100 kms, 3 hr drive
Kabini (Nagerhole Game Park) – 90 kms, 2 ½ hr drive
Bandipur Tiger Reserve – 85 kms, 2 hrs drive

Contact: Telephone: +91 9847865824 (Victor)
+91 9847180244 (Ranjini)



Not too shabby a place to while away an afternoon. The pool at Amaryllis, Kerala

No edits, just sunset as it happened.

Tree House at Amaryllis, Kerala

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