About the author

I live between India and Yorkshire. Two completely different worlds. My heart lies in India, my family live in Yorkshire, I juggle the two.  How to describe life in India? frustrating, illogical, often hilarious, humbling, surreal but never, ever dull. I have ridden priceless Marwari horses, been invited to royal weddings, threatened by the local mafia, trekked mountains, rafted white water, been wined and dined by maharajas, slept out under the stars, driven vintage cars, got caught up in Holi and ended up with hair dyed a permanent shade of green.  Best of all, I have got to know its people and discovered that in India, anything is possible.

My book, Girl India, is a novel based on a true story about life living in the jungles of central India, running a safari lodge in Kanha National Park in Madhya Pradesh. Think Bridget Jones does India!  It will be released in late 2015. www.girlindia.co.uk

You can contact me at Philippa Kaye