Snapshots – Cochin

A snapshot – Cochin:

It’s rare on a work trip that I get time to myself, given that I have to assess all aspects of hotels and insist on trying every experience before I either ditch or develop it. So it came as a pleasant surprise when I had a couple of hours free in Cochin. It’s somewhere I know well and just wanting some chill out time, whilst still making new discoveries obviously. I sauntered around, took a peak at what was happening in David Hall Art Gallery, and then strolled over to Passage Malabar, a new bistro/cafe at Trinity by Malabar Escapes, where over an iced tea and delicious tuna baguette (Yes, I know, but I had eaten nothing but South Indian for ten days) I spent a pleasant hour capturing moments, snapshots in time of the people I saw walking past or through the door.

On my way back to my hotel, I became intrigued by a game the auto drivers were playing and of course, was enticed to join in. Back at the CGH Eighth Bastion, which hails from the Dutch era, I sat down to English Breakfast Tea and warmed Dutch Bruder Bread, one of the few original colonial recipes which you can still find in a region which has seen so much influence.

Sometimes it’s just about taking time to capture the essence of a destination, not just staring at sights.


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