What a difference a year makes, but can a minute make a difference?

I wrote this exactly a year ago today:

“Maybe it’s an age thing, maybe it’s being content but I fail to see why anything should change with the passing of a minute on a clock. Where a mere moment in time can be significant, that “life changing moment” the chance of it happening to everyone simultaneously at 0059 on the last day of the year is pretty unlikely.

Given the amount of alcohol imbibed, it’s unlikely we’d remember it anyway. Why should the passing of a minute make us want to be different in 2019 from the people that we were in 2018? Were we all so miserable, fat, and unmotivated? I hope not, but if you were, then it’s unlikely that drunken, ill thought out resolutions will change anything in the long term.

For me, in 2019 I will continue to be as good as I can be, to respect others, to be sensitive to others needs, to be available to help people who need it and to focus on the good and the future and not the crap in the past. I will continue to enjoy each moment given to me and wish that everyone else can do the same.

Of course, seeking out new adventures will continue to be a part of my future, but that goes without saying right?

So, I wish that everyone finds their path, discovers and holds onto the people who truly care for them, and embrace each chink of sunshine no matter how grey the day.

Here’s wishing everyone positivity for a bright future whatever the day, hour or minute.”

This turned out to be a very tough year and for the last one month I’ve been praying for the turn of the clock not just into a new year, but a new decade to arrive. That minute that signifies putting the past behind and moving on. What a difference a year makes! There are many times I should have looked back over last year’s post and taken heed.

For now, my word, am I looking forward to 2020!!

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