Drinking Tea, Saving Lives

In the UK we often say that the world’s problems can be solved over a cup of tea. The first thing we do when anyone comes to visit is put the kettle on. How about taking this one stage futher and helping out these vulnerable girls by buying a gift of tea for a loved one this Christmas? Or just buying a box of tea, let’s face it, we all love a brew
Below is an email just received from Rajah Bannerjee about the plight of young, vulnerable women due to closed tea plantations and human traffickers.
Greetings from Rimpocha,
We would like to share some recent disturbing events with you where 4 tea gardens in the Darjeeling hills have closed leaving thousands of laborers jobless and made many young girls from these poor families vulnerable to the terror of human trafficking.
To do our bit to prevent such a social calamity, Rimpocha Tea and Salesian College, Sonada, have joined hands to donate 40% of the total online December sales at http://www.rimpochatea.com, towards empowering these young girls with skill development training and job placements organized by the Salesian College and providing some much needed holiday season cheer to those most in need.
Over the past 10 years, Salesian College has been training school dropouts in various hospitality services like housekeeping, food & beverage production to name a few and have achieved a 100% placement for all these students.
To help us spread some holiday cheer please do your bit by going to http://www.rimpochatea.com and placing your Christmas order for yourself and your loved ones.
The following links give you more detail regarding this initiative:
Don Bosco India
ASSAM TIMES – Guwahati
Please do what you can to help, buying tea is a great start https://rimpochatea.com/

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