It is the heart that is important – The Singinawa Experience

Loved this, evocative yet succinct…


The Wallow – Singinawa Lodge, Kanha

Our trip to Singinawa was not something that we had been planning for long. It was the call of the wild for my husband and the right amount of nagging and cribbing by me that made this trip possible. On a Friday evening we took the overnight train to Jabalpur. The journey from Jabalpur to Kanha was covered in about 3.5 hours on a good scenic road. On arriving at Singinawa we were welcomed by Margie, the guest relationship manager. Over the next two days Margie was always there and never far away. Margie like the rest of the permanent residents of Singinawa has a very interesting story and tales galore. She arrived in Kanha 23 year earlier as a tourist and grew roots here.

Our choice of wheels

For the next two days “Perch” became our home. Perch is a set of 4 rooms and…

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